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Good health is one of the building blocks for a better life, but only 1 in 3 Americans is living a healthy lifestyle. Whether someone struggles with mental illness, lacks health insurance or is burdened caring for a sick relative, United Way initiatives help improve the lives of children, adults and seniors.

“Nearly 30% of all persons living with HIV/AIDS statewide reside in Essex County. Men account for 59% of persons living with HIV/AIDS in Essex County; yet the county has the state’s highest number of adult/adolescent women living with HIV/AIDS among New Jersey’s 21 counties. Recent data confirms that African American women constitute the fastest growing number of new infections. Newark continues to rank within the top 10 cities in the United States for HIV/AIDS infection rates, with women, infants and youth making up 36% of those living with AIDS in the city.” -Excerpted from United Way of Essex and West Hudson’s 2005 Priority Populations Plan Needs Assessment Report


  • Give to support United Way initiatives that help children maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle
  • Speak out to promote access to healthy food options in low-income neighborhoods
  • Volunteer at a health fair to provide information on health screenings and preventative healthcare


NJ Dept of Health