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UWEWH’s 10-Year Education Goal: Cut in half the number of dropouts and increase the graduation rate to 87%

Youth in Essex and Western Hudson counties are struggling to graduate from high school. Surprisingly, accurate dropout and graduation data is hard to come by in New Jersey, where graduation rates aren’t calculated by the 4-year total, but by the number of students each year who entered 12th grade and graduated. More on how rates are calculated can be found here.

United Way’s nationwide are tackling issues in education through a 5-pronged approach:

  1. Enter school ready to succeed
  2. Read proficiently by 4th grade
  3. Make a successful transition into and out of middle school
  4. Graduate from high school on time
  5. Be ready for success in college, work and life

You can read more about United Way’s Education Strategies and Approaches by clicking here.


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