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Celebrity Read FAQ

Q: I’m not a “Celebrity”, what do I have to offer?

A: United Way believes that everyone can be a “celebrity” in the life of a child. We know that when youth have positive adult role models who take an interest in them, they do better in school and life. Specifically, youth who are read to by adults are more likely to develop a love of reading and improve academically.

Q: What does being a Celebrity Reader involve?

A: For single-visit readers, your commitment with be anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on the school site. Typically, readers report to the school where you can choose from various age appropriate books for reading to 2 classrooms. Many schools like to take volunteers on a tour of the school and provide a light snack and do a short ceremony to thank you for your time.

For coaches, the time commitment will vary, but we anticipate it will be an hour/week for 9 months in the school of your choice.

We also love to have all of our readers attend the kick off breakfast to thank you and create an atmosphere of excitement.

Q: What are the rewards?

A: One reason why the Celebrity Read initiative has been so successful is because our readers tell us time and time again what a wonderful time they have reading in the schools! Beyond the enjoyment of interacting with students and school staff who are excited to have you visit, we also know there are tangible benefits to children who are read to on a regular basis.

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