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Join a Giving Circle

Membership Giving Societies are a great way for you to meet and network with peers and get more deeply involved through volunteering or attending some of our many engaging events.


Women’s Leadership Council (WLC)

The mission of the Women’s Leadership Council is  to improve lives in our community by mobilizing the caring power of women to advance the common good.

312-UWEWH-Mar2014-3146390940-OThe Women’s Leadership Council(WLC) is a powerful force in local philanthropy, engaged in issues important to women. WLC members constitute a growing network of women in leadership positions who use their energy, talent, and passion to advocate for social change. As a WLC member, you are an example and role model for other women by demonstrating the powerful impact women can make when they pool their individual talents and financial resources.

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Young Leaders Council (YLC)

Young Leaders Council is the perfect opportunity to give back while networking with like-minded young leaders.

140417-UWEWH-YoungAdults_Lv2The Young Leaders Council is a group of young professionals focused on transforming our communities by supporting United Way of Essex and West Hudson’s efforts to improve the education, income stability and health of vulnerable community members. The YLC seeks to engage a diverse group of young philanthropists by providing opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, lead groups and committees, raise funds, and advocate on behalf vulnerable members of our community.

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Tocqueville Society 

The de Tocqueville Society – named in honor of the man who recognized one of our nation;s greatest strengths and shared that knowledge with the world. 

Alexis-de-TocquevilleTocqueville Society is a powerful group of local business and civic leaders who individually contribute $10,000 or more and share a similar passion for investing in the community and making a difference.

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Loyal Contributors

Longtime Contributors to the United Way make incredibly positive improvements in the lives of people throughout our community because they give consistently.

happystaffLoyal Contributors are individuals who have been supporting United Way financially for 10 years or more.

United Way seeks to properly recognize and thank these dedicated members of the community by asking them to identify themselves as Loyal Contributors.

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