Advocate | United Way of Essex and West Hudson


Your voice is powerful. Use it. Raise awareness about a cause you care about.

United Way advocates for public policies that help to improve people’s lives so that everyone living in our communities has the chance to thrive. We advocate at the state and local level to ensure government continues to invest in critical human services because philanthropy, faith-based communities and the private sector can’t do it alone.

While influencing legislation, programs, and funding decisions is the heart of what we do, we also facilitate conversations on how to meet community needs, create innovative public-private partnerships that deliver effective services, and educate the community about the impact of human services funding reductions.


we believe learning begins at birth and that every child is entitled to both a nurturing environment and a high-quality education, which will empower them to realize their full potential.
It is our responsibility as a community to ensure children have this essential foundation for a bright future.

We believe children can only succeed when their basic health and nutritional needs are met. When our children are healthy, our community is healthy. We must work to ensure that every child in Essex and West Hudson has access to nutritious food, stable housing and quality health services.

We believe children must have stable, supportive home environments in order for them to grow and thrive. We all succeed when we work together to ensure that families have access to the necessary financial and social supports to enable them to provide for their children’s needs.


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