About | United Way of Essex and West Hudson


Founded in 1923, United Way of Essex and West Hudson is a non-profit organization that seeks to address the root causes of community concerns by aligning resources to best meet the needs of individuals, children and families through its service-area.

Our Mission is to serve as an effective, results-oriented community builder by investing time and resources on initiatives that create strong communities and ensure our donor’s trust.

Our Vision is to serve as the premier community builder in New Jersey.

Through our program initiatives and community impact activities, the United Way moves beyond the surface of critical community problems to tackle their underlying causes. We understand that the various issues we face are interrelated and must be addressed together, and that no single group can do it alone. Our goal is to bring all sectors of the community together to work collaboratively in solving community problems.

United Way of Essex and West Hudson mobilizes resources beyond the dollars that are pledged through fundraising efforts. We bring communities together to focus on the most important needs in the community by building partnerships, forging consensus on strategies that can make a measurable difference.

United Way of Essex and West Hudson is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, one-third of whom are elected annually. We serve a population of nearly 700,000 in thirteen communities in Essex and Hudson County: Belleville, East Orange, East Newark, Harrison, Irvington, Kearney, Maplewood, Newark, North Arlington, Nutley, Orange, South Orange and West Orange.



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